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Stage Adv Dur º @050º Valve lift    
Std 233/245º 193/203º 312”/312”    
1240º 202º 336”    
2250º 200º 338”    
3252º 195º 300”    
4253º 210º 345”    
5260º 219º 337”    
6265º 204º 328”    
7265º 214º 341”    
8270º 216º 342”    
9272º 216º 346”    
Mechanical profiles are also available on request
Conversion of lifters to mechanical = NZD$50 + Freight + GST(NZ only)
Lengthening valves = NZD$100 + Freight + GST(NZ only)
Stainless valves (each) = NZD$40 + Freight + GST(NZ only)
Port cylinder head (Incl fitting oversize valves) = NZD$850 + Freight + GST(NZ only)
Set up Valve clearances and assemble head = NZD$250 + Freight + GST(NZ only)
New Billet Cams = NZD$850 + Freight + GST(NZ only)
New Valve Springs x16 = NZD$320 + Freight + GST(NZ only)

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